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conservation and restoration

Conservation-restoration is based on the recognition of a value, on the awareness of its irreproducibility and irreplaceability, and on the trust in the possibility of transmitting it to future generations and learning from it. When planning conservation-restoration work, reference is first and foremost made to the concept of integrity, understood as awareness of the dual aspect that characterises every material cultural asset, i.e. its material peculiarities and the information that the material conveys.
Respecting the integrity of an asset means first of all recognising the intangibility of the material that constitutes it, applying a vision that is as unselective as possible of the individual parts that make up the asset itself, leaving the material unharmed by all those interventions that may limit future techniques of intervention and interpretation. Starting from this assumption, the task is then to conserve the asset, that is, to guarantee its perpetuity in view of its transmission to future generations. The FCM Laboratory aims to operate on both fronts, which characterise the correct management of collections. This is possible by planning conservation-restoration interventions on individual works or on entire collections, while at the same time identifying and eliminating from their original environment those factors of degradation that have compromised their integrity.

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The FCM Laboratory offers a wide range of advice on the conservation and display of cultural heritage. The Laboratory is able to provide private individuals, companies and institutions with a turnkey service that covers all aspects of the implementation of a permanent or temporary exhibition. The main areas of activity are:

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the study of the exhibition concept, its thematic articulation, the narrative path and its objectives, the flow of visits and the dynamics of content fruition;


management of transport of the works involved in the temporary exhibition.


design and implementation of avant-garde museum solutions that meet the technical requirements of conservation, museum graphics, visual identity and lighting technology, up to the definition of audiovisual systems, sound specialisation and interactive communication.


The Laboratory is able to provide courier services for accompanying works of art when they are moved due to loans for temporary exhibitions or changes of venue. The couriers of the Laboratory are able to manage every phase of the transport, from the packing to the transport of the work of art, taking care of the handling even during the installation phase at the place of destination.

organisational consulting

FCM offers consultancy in the field of corporate strategy and work organisation.
After a careful examination of the data provided, FCM defines competencies and resource requirements; it assesses functions and develops, if necessary, a remuneration framework in a context of internal and market fairness. The analysis of the state of the art precedes the elaboration of short- and medium-term strategic plans for the reorganisation of procedures, supported by specialised interventions for the requalification of structures. Among the most frequently implemented measures are staff motivation and advice on drafting policy documents and work plans.

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The FCM issues reasoned opinions and valuations on all kinds of works of art concerning: authenticity, specific characteristics (stylistic and cultural), fairness of economic value and state of preservation of the work.
Opinions and evaluations may be issued by the scientific staff of the FCM, in their capacity as experts, or by external scientific collaborators, recognised experts in the field.
Apart from the nature of the document actually issued, the aim of the examination carried out by the expert is to reconstruct the curriculum of a work, in order to establish its nature, peculiar characters and different values, through a systematic analysis of its historical, critical and technical characteristics. The FCM’s scientific and technical consultancy activity is carried out at the formal and motivated request of public institutions, judicial or police authorities, other museums and cultural organisations and private individuals (natural and legal persons). The valuation activity is carried out with regard to: individual works and hereditary collections and divisions. The services include verbal advice, a reasoned opinion, an inventory report, an estimate of the commercial and/or insurance value, expertise, an appraisal and sworn report, a condition report on the work and an analytical certificate of conservation.

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The Foundation specialises in the conception and development of exhibition projects. The research team, made up of specialists with years of experience, is able to conceive, plan, design and implement projects in a broad thematic range including ancient, modern, oriental, ethnic and applied arts. The projects are conceived in such a way as to offer an integrated service that, in addition to the list of works and the thematic articulation of the exhibition itineraries, includes all the accessory and complementary activities and services (logistics, insurance, transport, communication, marketing, merchandising, educational activities, etc).

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