The Foundation

The Foundation

The FCM is a private, non-profit foundation of public utility whose purpose is to ensure the operation of museums and cultural organisations on the basis of performance mandates.

Members of the Foundation Board
Roberto Badaracco (President)
Giorgio Antonini
Gianluca Bonetti
Maria Cristina Cedrini
Luigi Di Corato, delegate of the Municipality of Lugano
Paolo Gerini
Paolo Ostinelli, representing the Canton

Francesco Paolo Campione, Director of the FCM and Secretary of the Foundation Board

The activities of the FCM are supported by an international scientific committee chaired by Dr. Lorenz Homberger.



The FCM was founded with the idea of developing a sustainable programme aimed at bringing together the largest number of cultural organisations, skills and energies, orchestrating their activities in a framework of local, national and international collaboration and with the aim of achieving a careful policy of savings, synergies and economies of scope.
The main kind of organisations the FCM is interested in are museums. Besides sharing the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums, the FCM has developed its own idea of what a museum is and what it means today to support its development.
Before being a container of objects, however noble and precious they may be, the museum is a container of memory, a place where a modern and responsible management and valorisation of cultural heritage can allow the tools and knowledge we inherit from societies and cultures to be passed on to future generations. A place where men and women pass on to other men and women outstanding testimonies of their ability to live together and organise the future of humanity. A place where the joy of the eyes coincides with the ability to interpret the function, meaning and value of things. A place to pause, concentrate and rest, where one can fully understand the mechanisms of creativity, and then, once enriched inwardly, spend them to one’s own advantage and to the advantage of all those around us.

the logo

Designed by Valeria Zevi, the FCM’s logo is based on the stylised silhouette of a goose, as found on a Bronze Age buckle. The auspicious figure is modernised by hybridising it with the ideal shape of a lake.
The name chosen for the foundation is primarily intended to reflect its purpose and development prospects. In its linguistic structure, ‘cultures’ precedes ‘museums’ to emphasise that these are the particular expression of a more general set of values, social practices and lifestyles that characterise humanity.