Organisations managed


The FCM was born as an ideal continuation of the development project of the Museum of Cultures in Lugano (MUSEC), carried out between 2006 and 2015. The central element of the MUSEC project has been a series of organic documents that regulate its modern functioning as a mixed organisation (institution/enterprise). These documents led to the construction of operational departments capable of carrying out internally all the activities necessary for operation. In addition to the internal organisation and administration activities: a conservation and exhibition workshop; a documentation and research centre; a communication and marketing department; a training development area and another area dedicated to reception and commercial activities.
On the exhibition side, after having scientifically catalogued the entire heritage, the MUSEC has equipped itself with a new permanent exhibition and has developed a wide range of temporary exhibitions organised in cycles. In the space of fifteen years, the collection has increased more than fortyfold.
The flagship of MUSEC’s activities has been the more than fifty temporary exhibitions held in prestigious venues in Switzerland, Italy, France, Denmark, China, and Japan, through which the new organisation has made itself known and increased its international presence.
From 2017 to 2020, thanks to an agreement with the Federal Customs Administration, the FCM managed the Swiss Customs Museum in Gandria, introducing significant elements of innovation from the point of view of public-private interaction, with more than satisfactory results, both in economic terms and in terms of public satisfaction.